3D Bust Enhancing Tank Top

This Japanese product is said to have generated tons of buzz on the Internet. It uses 3D visual effect to give the illusion of larger bust. It even works on a male (see the second picture). Although it’s useful in this aspect, I think the following should be taken into consideration before giving it a try.

  • It is a functional product but not a tasteful one. It looks like a racing flag.
  • It may work well on thin females. However, its pattern does not flatter pudgy females but make them look even fatter.
  • If you wear this product, you can’t just wear it once or twice a week unless you want your bust to become a mystery to others, appearing in different sizes every day. So you’ll need many different styles and colours of this product for your wardrobe. Does this product come in various designs?
  • Wearing this product may cause small accidents. Try looking at it closely for a few seconds. Your vision will blur. Imagine you are walking in a busy street and a girl wearing this tank top walks towards your direction. You look at her tank top as you walk by. It blurred your vision. Oops! You bumped into a passer-by! Accidents like this may happen. But if you are the girl wearing this, you may feel flattered.

These are just my thoughts about this tank top. It’s up to consumers to decide whether to try it.

News and photo source: Price

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