The Best Look at MET Gala 2017

(The original Chinese version was published on Facebook on 5 May)

International celebrities gathered at MET Gala held in New York on the first of May. Perhaps due to this year’s theme, “Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons (i.e. Like Boys)”, many many female celebs appeared in weird red carpet outfits. To match the event’s theme, one does not necessarily have to look odd. Look at Gigi Hadid above. Her look is stylish and elegant while matching the theme. The masculine tux merges nicely with the feminine sheer gown, giving an elegant yet a little bit hard-femme feel. “Hard femme” here refers to a fashion style that is feminine and tough at the same time. There is nothing about sexuality in this context. Gigi Hadid further adds an edge to the stylish outfit with trendy fishnets. The black fishnets also make a good contrast to the soft-coloured gown. Her hairstyle matches the look as well. She looks gorgeous, like a classy version of Sailor Moon!

Photo Source: iStyle

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