“Gangnam Style” Singer Psy’s New Song is Going Viral

Psy, the South Korean singer of the internationally popular “Gangnam Style”, has released another viral song, “I Luv it”. The MV of this new song received 20,000,000 youtube clicks in just 6 days. The song also won the first place in last Thursday’s episode of “M Countdown”, a South Korean music program.

Both the song and its MV adopt a similar style as “Gangnam Style”. They are very entertaining. Psy dances very well despite his body figure. I think some movements of the new dance look like imitating a gorilla. So last time, “Gangnam Style” features the horse dance. This time, it’s a gorilla dance? Does Psy like getting inspirations from animals? Other than the unique dancing, the MV also features Piko-Taro, the singer and creator of “Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen (PPAP)”, and famous Korean actor Lee Byung-hun. The MV scenes featuring Lee Byung-hun are quite funny. And the song has a catchy tune too. After listening to it just once, I can’t get it out of my head.

Let’s see if it will become the next “Gangnam Style”.

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