Be Careful when You Add a Belt to Your Look!

Belts are generally regarded as a kind of accessory which is used to either tighten loose-fitting clothing or accessorize clothing. Actually, belts can also improve the appearance of your body shape. But if you wear a belt that doesn’t match, you’ll get an opposite effect, just like this weather reporter.

A narrow belt is not suitable for this high-waisted dress. The narrow belt emphasizes the high waistline of this dress, making the wearer’s waist appear shorter and thus making her look fatter.

When wearing this dress, unless the wearer is very thin, it’s better for her to either not wear any belts or wear a white wide belt. A wide belt hides the high waistline of the dress and pulls down the waistline, making the wearer look slimmer. And white matches best, thus a white one.

As a side note, pudgy girls look fatter when wearing a high-waisted dress which makes their waists look shorter. Watch out!

(Photo Source: TVB News)

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